Launch Your Business The Right Way

We can help you reach your break-even point successfully

What We Do

Why do you need to engage Runway Executives?


You've started a new business or recently launched a new product or branch for your company. The road to breakeven can be very difficult and in many cases, frustrating. It doesn't have to be that way. You need partners who can bring on board the expertise required to move the needle while maintaining a lean approach to your costs.

How we can be of assistance?


We are on a mission to help you scale through the critical runway of your business to your breakeven point successfully. See us as your guide to climbing the "Mount Everest" of your dreams.

Why Us?


Via our sister company, Funema, we help build businesses that we invest in as part of our strategic leverage to de-risk our investments. We understand ROI from both the top-line and bottom-line perspective and the cash-sensitive approach to a successful launch without sacrificing quality and speed.